Created a new web site

Front page of Delcom's new site

Just finished a new web site for Delcom Project Management. Looks great and features a client education portal. They wanted to include a way to update their client base on new medical and insurance issues. So I helped them create a private blog with the same look through Workpress. Also called a “boss blog”, you could use this idea to update clients on projects. It allows clients and creators to keep updated on projects and development, edits and latest issues. Log-in required. With a paper trail right online.

Cool idea.


Why I Became an Artist

Strange Tales and Amazing Adult Fantasy
X-men #1 and Sgt. Fury #13
These are a few comics from my collection.

The short answer is that I love to draw. I am both impressed and amused by people who made a decision to enter a field of study as a 17 year old and then stick it out like it was ordained from on high. Yet as a 6 year old I discovered comic books. Which led to my interest in art. I loved Marvel comics. Captain America, the X-Men, Spiderman, Thor, the Hulk. There were many, many more. At this time the heroes were portrayed with human problems. Spidey was a teenager with girl troubles and an overbearing boss in addition to fighting super powered criminals in his spare time.

Reading comics helped my burgeoning vocabulary and was one of the reasons for my love of drawing. My uncle Lovell was an artist and teacher that I looked up to as well.

The real heroes to me were Jack “King” Kirby, Steve Ditko, Jim Steranko, Neal Adams. They were the artists who brought the characters to life. My buddy Bob and I would literally run downtown to the newsstand on the days the new comics came out. The artists and characters they created were larger than life. It was a great time to grow up.

I could pick out their cover art from across the room. Each artist had such a distinctive style. Kirby was bold strokes and action. Huge. Copied by everyone to this day. Ditko’s art was more quirky but perfect for Dr. Strange and of course Spiderman.

Whenever I pull out some of the old comics, it takes me right back to Oak St. where I grew up. Great memories.

Why should I Twitter?

Lots of people think you should Twitter, I should Twitter, everyone should Twitter. I am not sold on the idea. There are some reasons why it could be good for your business. This guy has seven reasons. I can see it for making announcements. Suppose I was in Iraq and saw something earth-shattering, but here in Glen Ellyn it is time for a snack and who else cares but me?
I am looking for that eighth reason that knocks my socks off. Fire away!
You could tweet it but I’m not following…yet.

This guy is great!

Check out this video. Love this guy. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone with high fructose corn syrup based water like Coke and Pepsi he sells product that he is passionate about. Sure it is sugar water but it comes in bottles and he is working with small business just like his. Helping other mom and pops improve their business. He seeks out unique flavors and bottlers.