Why should I Twitter?

Lots of people think you should Twitter, I should Twitter, everyone should Twitter. I am not sold on the idea. There are some reasons why it could be good for your business. This guy has seven reasons. I can see it for making announcements. Suppose I was in Iraq and saw something earth-shattering, but here in Glen Ellyn it is time for a snack and who else cares but me?
I am looking for that eighth reason that knocks my socks off. Fire away!
You could tweet it but I’m not following…yet.


This guy is great!

Check out this video. Love this guy. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone with high fructose corn syrup based water like Coke and Pepsi he sells product that he is passionate about. Sure it is sugar water but it comes in bottles and he is working with small business just like his. Helping other mom and pops improve their business. He seeks out unique flavors and bottlers.